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Tendency To Smoking Depends On Hair Colour

American researchers from the University of Pennsylvania say that people with dark-coloured skin and hair have higher tendency towards nicotine dependency than blonde people. Thus, there are more likely to suffer from diseases related to smoking.

Doctors consider that the pigment melanin, which is responsible for the dark colour of our hair, has a direct influence on our will too. It can be secreted in our organism or it can appear in a tanned skin. A high level of this substance causes human dependency towards nicotine.

According to the author of the research, Harry King, they determined that the concentration of melanin is directly related to the quantity of cigarettes smoked by a person per day, to the level of nicotine dependency and to the influence of nicotine on our organism, Medlinks reports.
According to one of the versions, the biochemical structure of melanin is similar to that of nicotine. According to another version, this pigment can bond to nicotine, that's why the latter is accumulated faster in the organism and is longer preserved in the body tissues. This leads to a stronger and more progressive dependency. If a blonde person has to smoke regularly for a long time in order to become dependent to nicotine, then a person of a dark complexion needs just a few times to earn a strong dependence.

During their research, scientists gathered information about 150 dark-haired smokers. The participants were indicating their norm of cigarettes per day and were answering questions about their level of nicotine dependency. During the second stage of the experiment, scientists measured the level of cotinine in the organism of the participants. This substance represents a product of nicotine's metabolism in the organism, its presence and quantity determining nicotine dependency. Finally, these indices have been compared to the level of melanin in the participants.

However, scientists are very careful with making any direct conclusions. They still ahve to provide strong evidence and make certain corrections.

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