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The More You Drink The Less Pleasure You Receive From It


Canadian scientists carried out an experiment, during which they introduced an alcohol solution into rats of male sex, in the same time observing their levels of endorphins, encephalins and dinorphins (these biological active substances are responsible for the feeling of pleasure). Moderate or low doses of alcohol stimulate the production of beta-endorphins, while alcohol excess decreases their quantity in the organism.

It turned out that, under the influence of low doses of alcohol, rats had their levels of these opyoide brain neuropeptides increased, a fact that caused euphoria, but the level soon decreased after the doses of the drinks increased, reports. A small dose of alcohol allows feeling euphoria, lowering anxiety and improving mood, while big doses of alcohol, along with their calming effects, have a hypnotic action, increasing restlessness, according to the author of the research.

Scientists advise that if after 2 glasses of an alcoholic drink mood isn't improved, it's better to stop drinking. This domain of studies on neuromediators is useful, because it can become a basis in the creation of a medicine against alcoholism. It isn't known yet how will a human organism act in such situation, that's why experts consider that further studies are necessary.

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