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The Oldest Person On Earth


The oldest person on Earth has just reached 115. Gertrude Banes has celebrated her birthday in one of the clinics of Los Angeles. She affirms that her long life is something she owes to God and to a healthy lifestyle.

On the celebration of Gertrude's birthday on Monday not only her friends, but also the representatives of Guinness Book of Records were invited. They have given the old lady a certificate confirming that she is one of the oldest people on our planet. The clinic was also the place where Gertrude was sent a birthday congratulation from the president of USA himself, for whom Gertrude claims to have voted in the last election session.

Gertrude was born in 1894 in USA. She was the granddaughter of slaves and her only child had died as a baby from abdominal typhus. She had never smoked or drunk alcohol in her whole life.

According to the doctor who is curing Gertrude, the woman has a mild personality and almost never complains about anything. Gertrude has become the oldest woman in the world on January 2nd, 2009, after the death of – Maria de Jesus from Portugal. The oldest man on the planet is Tomodzy Tanabe from Japan. He is now 113 years old and he holds the record for almost 3 years.

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