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The Relation Between The Sex And The Occurence Of The Diseases


Scientists claim that some diseases may be characteristic only for the masculine or feminine sex.

It isn't necessary to be a scientist to notice that there are some differences in the type and frequency of the disease in women and in men. For example, the opinion that men rarely visit doctors and that they prefer to stay sick at home is widely spread. They complain about their health more often. Women, in their turn, suffer less from pain and that's why they tolerate better any kind of diseases.

But all of these are only opinions without any scientific basis. All that scientist had mentioned is limited to the fact that, in average, women live longer than men.

Why? Because they smoke and drink less, because they lead an active way of life and because they visit doctors more often. Besides, it is considered that feminine hormones protect women from cardiovascular diseases till they are in menopause.

A recent Finnish study has shown that women's health is not as strong as it seems. During their work, doctors have studied how the same disease (rheumatic arthritis) influences the health of women and men. They found that women suffer from it a lot more. Its symptoms in women are stronger and more painful.

According to Professor Alan Silman, the director of the Arthritis Study Organization, hormones play an important part here. Feminine sexual hormones, estrogens, substantially intensify the swelling of the joints, which leads to pain.

The difference in the constitution of men and women is also important. Men have a bigger muscle mass than women, which allows the joints to work longer and get worn out slower. Besides, women's weight is not distributed as men's – most of it influences on the knees' and hips' joints.

Another disease, whose gravity depends on the sex of the patient, is chicken pox. The older the man is, the harder it is for him to tolerate it. In adults, the mortality resulted from chicken pox is higher than in children. Men die from chicken pox 2 times more often than women do. In men, the symptoms of this disease are more complicated than in women, for example, chicken pox can cause orchitis in men, which can lead to problems with fertility.

Asthma, on the contrary, is more dangerous for women. The number of women dying every day from this disease is 2 times higher than the number of men. Women also get hospitalized more often. Hormones are the main cause once again, according to doctors. Till boys reach sexual maturity, they are more predisposed to asthma than girls, but, afterwards, when hormones' level is more stable, women are the most probable victims as estrogen and progesterone increases the sensibility of the respiratory ways. Testosterone, in its turn, has a contrary effect.

But the most interesting fact is that women are more sensible to pain than men. When the organism feels pain, it begins secreting its own opyoides, endorphins and encephalins – natural analgesics. Estrogen, as it seems, troubles this process. There is a psychological explanation too: men consider pain as a discomfort, not as a threatening, that's why they suffer less. In a delivery, on the contrary, women are ready to feel the delivery pain and they know what to expect from it, that's why it helps them get over it.

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