Monday, 08 Feb, 2010 Health & Fitness

The Smallest ECG Device to Be Presented in Goa, India


This week, Goa will house the international echocardiography conference, where about 600 doctors from different parts of India will be able to witness the smallest echocardiogram machine in the world.

The device was developed by Philips and according to Digambar Naik, the organizing secretary of the 15th annual conference of the Indian Academy of Echocardiography, the ECG represents a breakthrough in the field of echocardiography, informs Health News.

"With this, most heart specialists can diagnose patients in their clinics, instead of sending them elsewhere for pathological examination," said Naik.

The conference will last four days, starting February 11th, and one of the guests will be J L Zamorano, the president of the European association of echo cardiography.

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