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TV Dust Carries Harmful Chemical


Dust that covers your television set contains chemical called flame retardant that is potentially harmful for your health.

Researchers at Boston University's School of Public Health found that the chemical flame retardants used in regular household items such as TV set, computer-wire insulation, mattresses and others will finally land as dust around your house creating a harmful home environment.

The portable X-ray scans of 19 homes in Boston showed that the largest source of flame retardant or also called polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs is found in television dust. It is suggested that flame retardants vaporize as TV set heats up and this gas turns into dust that coats household objects.

The flame retardants accumulate in the body over the time and may have harmful effect on individual's health. The latest studies on animals showed that PBDEs interferes with the normal functioning of nervous system and hormonal function, may also harm reproductive organs and was found to cause cancer in lab rats.

Scientists are concerned about the results of the study considering that many TV sets are expected to switch to digital signals that will cause even greater use of flame retardants. This also becomes an environmental problem as these chemicals can spread over great distances and it will take many years for them to dissolve.

In order to reduce the harmful effect of chemical retardants, it is important to dust your house and wash your hands regularly.

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