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Vitamins and Minerals to Reduce Crimes Rates


Researchers at Oxford University say that a daily vitamins and minerals supplement together with a good nutrition can cut the crime rates and reduce anti-social behavior.

John Stein, a neuro-physiologist and a leading author of the study, said that such simple measures as correcting diet and taking necessary supplements can improve the health of offenders' brains and reduce their impulsiveness and violent behavior.

The research will begin in May this year and will last three years to find out if their suggestion is right. The study will include 1000 young inmates from England and Scotland, who will be given vitamins and minerals supplements and improved diet to better control their hostile urges.

This study will follow the control researches conducted in Britain and Denmark, where it was proved that nutrition supplements helped to reduce crime rates in young offender institutions. Young offenders aged 16 to 21, who committed serious crimes, including theft and murder, will take part in the research, where they will be given necessary supplements.

All participants will be divided into three groups, where one group will have a normal diet, the other one will be given placebo and the third group will be given a daily supplement of 30 vitamins and minerals, including those, which were proved to be effective in correcting person's mood swings and aggression. A pilot project conducted 10 years ago showed that vitamins intake resulted in 37 fewer offences.

If the results will be successful, researchers will use their knowledge to target criminal behavior outside the jail.

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