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Walking, Milk And Oranges Help Us Fight Stress

In order to improve the way we feel, it is very important to lower the general level of stress, since the results of many researches show directly that people with a constant high level of stress are submitted more often to the risk of getting sick than those whose level of stress is not so high.

American scientists consider that the best method of fighting stress at work, (and it is known that most of stressing situations take place in the office), is to turn off the computer for a while and go for a walk. There also are some special products which are necessary to include in our daily meals, because they help us fight stress.

Scientists say that a warm oat porridge causes the secretion of serotonin, a hormone which has a calming influence on the organism, and the products with a lot of fat acids omega-3 will also help maintain a normal quantity the hormones of stress – adrenaline and cortisol.

According to scientists, in order to lower the level of stress, the following products will help too:

1) A glass of warm fat-free milk before sleep - it will help lower the level of anxiety and tension.
2) Oranges, which are rich in vitamin C, consolidate the immune system and lower the level of stress hormones.

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