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Want To Live Longer? - Be Positive, Believe And Work


If you want to prolong your life by 8 full years you must be optimist. This is the advice given by American scientists from a clinic in Mayo.

They have established that optimistic people not only have a more interesting and filled with different positive events lifestyle, but they also get sick less. As it turned out, a person's mood and his attitude towards the surrounding world directly influence the capability of his immune system to overcome and prevent different diseases. This information has been published in "How to add supplementary years to your life", a book which must appear this same year.

In its turn, active faith adds 7 years to human life, as it was counted by specialists from a university in the American state Iowa. They have found out that even if one attends church once a week, it positively influences his/her life length. Attending church can be replaced by individual meditation, but this will add only 3 supplementary years to life, according to researchers.

Recently Western researches have proved that mental activity, including reading newspapers, visiting museums, listening to the radio, solving crosswords, Internet navigation also increase life's length by 7 years. In addition, all these activities decrease the risk of Alzheimer's disease development in an older age. Active sexual life can add up to 4 years and a beautiful view out of the window of your house – up to 2 years. A pet will prolong your life by 2 years. A regular sleep after lunch will prolong it by a year, with the condition that it lasts not more than 30 minutes.

Another theory has been put forward by specialists from California. They have come to the conclusion that hard work is the main cause of a happy and long life. This is due to the fact that hard work guarantees quite useful personality qualities.

People who work too much are usually ambitious, organized and conscientious. These are the qualities that prolong life by 4 years, according to scientists.

Self-discipline also makes many bad human habits disappear and allows one to be more resistant to stress.

Besides, hard-working people are more careful, reliable, rational and polite.

These are the conclusions made on the basis of 20 researches dedicated to the influence of work on the psychological and physical state of health of people, with the participation of more than 8900 volunteers from USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Norway and Switzerland.

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