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White Wine Is Also Useful For Health


Scientists have given credit to those who enjoy drinking white wine: it results that this wine have the same positive influence on our organism as red wine.

Rats that were given white wine for a long period of time, during their heart stop, have suffered less in comparison with the animals that were given only water or ethylic alcohol. This positive effect is similar to the consequences of the animals' utilization into nutrition of red wine or its wonderful component, called resveratrol, found only in the grapes' skin, reports.

White wine, made of grapes that were cleaned of their skin, doesn't contain resveratrol. It is considered that resveratrol is the cause of the so-called "French paradox" (a high level of fat in the French food and a low level of cardiovascular diseases among the population), with the condition of a moderate utilization of red wine.

According to Deepak Duss, a molecular biologist in the medicine school of the University of Connecticut in Farmington, not only red wines can cause such phenomena. He considers that the fruit itself can have the same effect as its skin.

Deepak Duss and his colleagues have given their laboratory rats white or red Italian wine, equivalent to 1 or 2 glasses of wine per day for humans, other rats have received the chemical substance polifenols. It is considered that polifenols are more useful for health than wine.

Among all laboratory rats, who have suffered heart attacks, the animals that were given wine or polifenols, had a lesser impact on heart, in comparison with rats that drank water and alcoholic drinks. Their blood pressure had also lowered.

The molecular studies of heart cells have showed that white wine protects the main energetic source of the cell – the mitochondria. These organelles are destroyed because of lack of oxygen and nutritive substances. In such case, cells have only one choice – "committing suicide", the so-called apoptosis.

The mitochondria of the rats that drank wine looked better and only a small number of their heart cells have passed to apoptosis. The same thing happened to the rats that were given polifenols, including resveratrol contained in red wine, and tirosol and hidroxitirosol from white wine.

According to Duss, the chemical structures of the three substances are not completely identical, but they have common features that allow them to activate the same reactions inside the cells.

This means that the results Duss received in his studies prove that white wine protects the laboratory rats from the consequences of heart attacks.

However, heart attacks in humans often take place because of blood clots in the arteries, and not necessarily because of mitochondria's destruction. Similar experiments made on dogs showed that red wine has advantages over the white.

Still, Duss expects that studies made in the nearest future will prove the value of white wine. He says: "we will surely be able to say that one or two glasses of white wine per day will have the same effect as red wine has".

He affirms that the "French paradox" hasn't included white wine because of a scientific report on this subject made in 1992, and also because of the "obsession" the researchers had with resveratrol.

While there aren't enough proofs, soon we will be able to observe the "English paradox". Duss says that, "beer is also healthy for the heart".

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