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Why Is 22 Years The Best Age?


A 22-years-old human brain reaches its highest point in development and action, and, after that, it begins to degrade slowly, but irreversibly, American researchers believe.

If you plan to become an inventor, to discover the vaccine against AIDS or to find the eternal youth spring, you should do it before you reach 23 years old, because this is the age limit when your brain capacities start to decrease. These are the facts scientists from Virginia University, led by professor Timothy Salthouse, are sure of.

It took alot of time to find this limit age - "the cleverest age". Recently, other scientists from the University of California declared that the human intellect is mostly developed at 39 years. Our process of thinking accelerates till this age, the ability to think logically and to plan all our activities becomes better and better, and our memory and attention become stronger. After that, it's vice versa - the 40-years-old person practically starts to become sillier.

This verdict is not the best, but surely it's not as cruel as the one the Virginian doctors have made.

The conclusion on the latest study was made by scientists as a result of the following research: during 7 years Salthouse has been observing how 2000 people were passing through regular tests on their logical thinking, memory, the capacity of solving unusual crosswords and so on. Thus, 22-years-old people had the best scores in 9 out of 12 tests. After this limit, the results were becoming worse, they were decreasing proportionally with the increased age of the participants.

Fortunately, the scientists don't have other firm proofs. They haven't found yet physical or psychological reasons for the phenomenon they discovered, that's why they are going to continue their work.

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