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Woman Carrying A Dead Baby In Her Uterus For 60 Years


Doctors who have examined an old woman that addressed them with complaints of pains in the abdomen were totally perplexed. They have found that the old lady was pregnant. More than that, the unborn baby had been kept inside the woman for more than 60 years.

The history of pregnancy of Huang Yuidjun, 92, from Huandjaotan (South China) had started in 1948. At that time, the doctors told her that the baby had died before being born and that she needed a surgical operation in order to remove the fetus from her uterus. The doctors asked 200 dollars for that operation, but Huang had refused to give that sum of money.

"In those times this was a huge sum of money, it was more than many families were earning per year. That's why I decided not to do anything and simply ignored it", said Mrs. Yuidjun.

But the dead fetus in the uterus of the old woman had recently reminded the woman of its existence. Huang had received a trauma of her abdomen and her inner organs had started to ache. The Chinese woman had addressed the doctors for help and they have directed her to Ultrasonography scanning. The results were shocking.

"I could not believe my own eyes when it turned out that Yuidjun has a baby in her uterus. I haven't seen anything more surprising and more strange in all my 40 years of practice as a doctor", confessed Dr. Lyu Anbin from the Gwingshen hospital.

The doctors didn't let go of the old lady. She was admitted to the hospital for other auxiliary researches. The most important thing now is to determine whether an operation and removal of the baby from Yuidjun's uterus are necessary.

According to the consultant of the gynecology section from the respective hospital, Xu Xyanming, "usually the dead fetus is being disintegrated, but this case is a rare one. It isn't clear yet how comes that Mrs. Yuidjun has been in a good state of health all this time."

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Could you share your success stories from online dating

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this is simply not a debate sub. I was suspicious, To fair, And I got a lot of points from weirdos. One day I got a phone message from a cute guy who made me laugh, And we met after a few messages. He was the first guy from this website I went on a date with, And we ended up clicking like I never clicked with anyone before. I totally fell gets interested him, but he felt the same.

We dated for a few more months, Though we unfortunately broke up earlier this week. I was fascinated with a mutual friend of ours. He invited all of us to play matches together frequently. Eventually my SO and I started talking we realized we lived close together, And our friend was kind of a self centered douche.

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Shanghai's final matchmaker

But its method has changed understand, With online dating playing a progressively important role.

Gong Haiyan, named Xiao Longnu, Has perhaps been the person most important in this revolution, Founding China's first major online dating service service, Now contacted Jiayuan.

As she was undertaking her post graduate studies at Shanghai's Fudan University, Her parents back in Hunan were worried that she was heading into the latter half of her 20s without the outlook of a husband, being a dreaded shengnu, and "continuing to be woman,

read more about CNNGo: Shanghai's married life market bridal bliss or marital mayhem?Though Gong attempt to meet people online, She found China's online dating infrastructure to be lacking, And so she started China's first major online dating site service, Now identified as Jiayuan.

"I had no real hi-tech experience, Yet I found myself enclosed by many students and friends occupied with their studies and work who simply didn't have the time to pursue and manage relationships, Gong states that.

"Both my mother and grandma were reputed matchmakers in their towns, And I am very proud to inherit this traditional role and adapt it to the growing rapidly and evolving Internet industry in China Gong Haiyan, Jiayuan initiator

"Engaging friends with a better technological idea than myself and using money I had saved working as a part time tutor to buy a computer and printer, I away Jiayuan in my Fudan dorm room in October of 2003,

No time for swoon

Studies declare that the social experiences of Gong and her friends are becoming the norm in China. As people move away from traditional family villages and work longer hours, Meeting people the old fashioned way is a bigger proposition than ever.

Zhang Yi, A examiner with the Institute of Population and Labor Economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, lengthy told the "overseas Times" That greater social mobility made it harder for people to fall madly in love.

"With the busyness of modern life, Inner circles of acquaintances are getting smaller, Zhang reveals, Adding that higher living standards and education levels have combined to drive up the average age at which people get married.

this key fact, according to Gong, Is what makes online dating such an appealing option for China's singletons.

more about CNNGo: Chinese men go to Vietnam for the 'perfect wife'"Despite each one of changes, There remains a strong time-honored emphasis on marriage, she says.

"websites in general and Jiayuan specifically play an important stabilizing role in Chinese society, symbolizing a new platform for finding romance by providing our users millions of potential mates in a fun and safe environment,

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Gong says her business wasn't immediately hit (The first batch of members to sign up to the website were friends and relatives she called on to help her out), But from shaky start, Jiayuan has gone from strength to strength and retains a 50 colombia lady percent market share in China, based on the National Business Daily.

I had no real products experience, Yet I found myself covered with many students and friends occupied with their studies and work who simply didn't have the time to pursue and manage relationships. Gong Haiyan, Jiayuan initiator

Last year the company was expected to top RMB 100 million in revenue and in line with the Jiayuan website, Their customer base now comprise of 30 million users, in addition 4.5 million individuals so far found a match.

But is seems the secret to Gong's success runs deeper than simply being in a good option at the right time with the right idea. Though she didn't have any technical sensation when she started Jiayuan, She did have the art of dating in her blood.

"China has a rich practice of local women matchmakers while well as "Red mummy" In offshore] Working to match young most people in the same village, She is.

"Both my mother and grandma were reputed matchmakers in their towns, And I am very proud to inherit this traditional role and adapt it to the growing rapidly and evolving Internet industry in China,

picking love online

Though she is now really the most successful matchmaker in Chinese history in terms of sheer numbers, even more important from Gong's perspective, Her online dating services empire also resulted in her meeting the man she would marry in 2004.

more about CNNGo: specific A, h, C and D of finding love in ChinaA friend saw his profile on Jiayuan and submitted it to Gong, Thinking they would be well suited and it turns out she was right.

The pair were married within two months and Gong became her own best commercial. within the end, If it worked for her, states, Jiayuan might also do the trick for you this valentine's.

uniform dating Tips from Gong Haiyan

Jiayuan tip females: Don't passively wait to be reached. Taking the initiative by sending potential mates messages shows you are prepared about finding love. In a country like China with likely shy women, You will right away stand out.

Jiayuan tip for males: In your initial concept, Make a specific reference to what you find attractive or interesting about the woman you are contacting. When she is browsing messages, Yours will specifically stick out, And compliments make a great relationship starter.
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theres another woman in india i think who carried her baby for 48yrs! The baby turned to stone inside of her
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Just wow...
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//1 Feb 17, 2009 07:48 PM | posted by: sana
this is news is really unbelivable i am shocked to know that a woman carrying a baby in her uterus for 60 years

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