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Woman Dies Because Of Water Diet


Sometimes the fight for perfection can lead to tragic results. This is exactly what happened to the 40-years-old Jacqueline Henson, who decided to stay on a diet made according to the recipe of a company, called LighterLife. The woman died because of a swelling on the brain.

The recipe of losing weight was very simple: the woman had to drink a lot of water in accordance to a certain program. On November, 14th, she sat in front of the TV, with 2 bottles of water, 2 litres each one, and started to drink water from a pint glass.

Two hours later, Jacqueline didn't feel well, so she went into the bathroom, where she collapsed. Doctors could not help the woman who died in the hospital without coming into her senses. The necropsy showed that the large amount of water had taken all the salts out of her body.

The authors of the diet affirm that it was an accident. The coroner who investigated the death of the British woman also agreed with this version. "No one should drink that quantity of water in such a short period of time and the woman had not respected the strict timetable she had," he said.

Swelling of the brain as a consequence of excessive water drinking, causes death quite rarely, but the fact remains: too much water in a short period of time causes a dysfunction of the kidneys since they cannot process it, thus the water is being restrained in the body in the form of swellings, including brain swelling, leading to death.

Though Jacqueline Henson's death was confirmed to be an accident, the 5 children of the dead woman blame the authors of the diet in the death of their mother. Her sister, Pauline Nash, who works as a nurse, considers that the respective diet should be banned to prevent other people dying from it.

The woman lost almost 12 pounds in her first week of the diet. She was eager to lose weight. According to Mrs. Nash, Jacqueline always wore size 12, while her mother and sisters were always buying clothes of sizes 10 and 8.

The dietologists of LighterLife say that, with the help of their recommendations, 60,000 people have successfully lost circa 44 pounds in 3 months. Practically, the diet assumes a 4 times decrease of a normal daily intake – for an adult woman that means 500 kcal instead of 2000.

The first 3 months of the diet include a menu that consists of protein cocktails, soups and vegetable salads. Specialists advise drinking 4 litres of water in 2 days. Jacqueline did that in 2 hours, which contradicted the rules, The Daily Mirror reports.

The death of Jacqueline Henson is not the first case of this type. Last year, the British BBC had showed similar outcome in women drinking too much water with their inner organs, including stomach, heart and kidneys, disturbed as a consequence.

Water diet is also known for causing hair loss and irregular periods in women, the same effect is observed in women suffering from anorexia.

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