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Woman, 70, Gave Birth to an IVF Girl


After a 70-year-old woman from India underwent infertility treatment, she gave birth to her first child - a baby girl. Together with her 72-year-old husband, Devi tried to get pregnant for over 50 years. It is worth mentioning that her husband was unsuccessful in becoming a father in his previous two marriages.

According to Daily Mail, it remained undetermined whose egg and sperm were used in the woman's infertility treatment. She became pregnant with the help of in vitro fertilization, being helped by doctors at a clinic located in Haryana, a northern Indian state. Before the treatment, doctors analyzed the woman's health to conclude that she was completely healthy to be able to survive a high-risk pregnancy. It was reported that both, mother and daughter are doing well.

It is the second case in India that a 70-year-old woman gave birth. In July of 2008, after undergoing in vitro fertilization, a woman, named Omkari Panwar, gave birth to twins, through Caesarian section. Until then, she was the mother of two daughters and the grandmother to five. When Panwar gave birth to her twins (a boy and a girl) she had no birth certificate, thus her age could not be confirmed. Nevertheless, she became the oldest woman to give birth.

Despite the fact that fertility procedures registered a great development over the last years, being able to help older women to give birth, there are specialists in medical ethics who question whether hospitals should accept a patient who is 70 years old. The paper reported that the doctor who treated Devi did not have any doubt that the woman would have no problems with giving birth. The only thing he was concerned about is that her daughter could become orphan at an early age.

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