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Woman Lost 25 Kg Thanks To Hypnosis

A British woman has lost circa 25 kg after being insufflated under hypnosis that she was subdued to a surgical operation for reducing her stomach. Before the treatment she weighed 98 kg.

The 35-years-old Marionne Corns had tried to fight her extraweight with the help of medicines, diets and physical exercises, but she couldn't reach the result she wanted. Last August, the woman decided to pay a visit to Elite Clinic in Marbelle, Spain, a clinic advised to her by a friend who had quit drinking with the help of specialists from the clinic.

After having been consulted by the therapeutist, the woman was booked for 5 sessions of hypnosis. Before the insufflation, she was showed a model of the stomach and a bandage for reducing the size of the organ. All the process and the effects of the operation that "was to come" were also explained to her. During the sessions, special devices were reproducing the sounds and the smells of the surgery room.

After 5 sessions of hypnosis which were reproducing all the stages of the surgical operation, the woman felt that she wasn't able to consume usual quantities of food – she couldn't even swallow the excessive pieces of food. As a result, she started losing weight, as after a real operation, and has lost 25 kg to this moment. There weren't any side-effects observed as a consequence of the treatment.

As the woman reports in an interview given to the British magazine "The Sun", she perfectly remembers the process of the "operation".

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