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Woman Regained her Voice after Botox Injection


A woman who was speechless for 14 years, started speaking after receiving Botox injection.

Phyllis Yates, a 73 year old grandmother from Lowestoft, Suffolk suddenly lost her voice one morning 14 years ago. Doctors were unable to find the cause of her condition, until last November when they came to a conclusion that she had a laryngeal dystonia, a condition when vocal chords become spasmed.

Doctors agreed on Botox injection, that is widely used in cosmetic surgery, into the muscles surrounding her voice box. It took several trials until the woman could regain her speech.

Her husband was happy to hear Mrs Yates voice again after 14 years of silence. He said that in spite of the fact that his wife always nags, it's a "woman's prerogative".

The grandmother was delighted to be able to speak to her two grandchildren Donna, 13-year old and Leanne, 11 year old, who never heard his grandmother's voice. "Finally I can tell them that I love them", said Mrs Yates.

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