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Woman's Waist Depends On Her Personality


It is widely known that a lot of factors influence the size and the shape of a woman's waist, including diet, physical exercises, hormones and even the woman's personality. Cylinder-shaped waists are characteristic for strong and independent women. And, on the contrary, the so much loved by men pear-shaped figures tell about the softness and gentleness of the woman's personality.

The American anthropologist Elizabeth Cashdan has minutely studied and analyzed the types of women's figures in 33 non-western and 3 western populations. She found that the proportion of the waist to the hips is in average 0.8. At first such a tendency seems to oppose the evolution theory, since the most attractive women in men's eyes are the ones whose waist to hips proportion is 0.7 or less. But still, the scientists have found an explanation to this fact.

Androgens, and especially testosterone, masculine hormones, present in small quantities in women too, are the ones responsible for the accumulations of lipids around the waist. But these hormones are very important in life situations when a woman has to fight for her existence, to ensure herself and her family all alone – situations that make a woman stronger and independent. Another hormone – cortisol – is also responsible for making a woman's waist cylinder-shaped, but it increases the resistance of the organism to stress too.

The evolution of women's figures is dependent on their tendency to be strong and protected from stress.

The fact that the situation in the society also changes men's preferences is quite interesting as well. Take for example Greece, Portugal and Japan, where women often are economically dependent on men. In these countries, men pay more attention to a thin waist than men who live in Great Britain and Denmark – countries where men and women have practically the same rights. In some non-western societies, where there is not enough food and all members of the family have to fight actively for it, men give preference to women with a higher waist-hips index.

Cashdan considers that the waist to hips proportion is an important signal for men, but their reaction strongly depends on how much they want the woman to be strong, resistant, economically independent and competitive.

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