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Women After Delivery Become More Energetic


American scientists from the University of Richmond proved that pregnancy makes women more rapid and more energetic even after 20 years or more years after the delivery.

This phenomenon can be easily explained. During pregnancy and delivery, the organism of a woman secretes a significant quantity of hormones which lead to certain changes in the brain. As a result, women, who become mothers, have a better sight, a better coordination and a better memory. Similar processes are characteristic for animals too. The authors of the research consider that it is the work of nature that assured to make it easier for a mother to take care of her baby.

According to scientific calculations, a woman can use the "advantages" of her pregnancy till she is 80.

It is considered that the establishment of a relation between the changes of the hormonal background after the pregnancy and the level of the brain's activeness will allow a woman improve and significantly increase the effectiveness of the traditional substitution hormonal therapy.

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