Wednesday, 08 Aug, 2007 Health & Fitness

Your Health is fine, Mr. Bush!


Doctor's unveiled the state of President's health after the yearly medical examination. According to the doctors' report, George W. Bush is perfectly healthy, he does physical exercises six times per week and rides a bicycle.

The President takes absolutely no alcohol, smokes a cigar from time to time and takes multivitamins. The medical report also said that Bush didn't take any prescriptive drugs and that he preferred low-calorie diet drinks.

Examination showed that Bush lost about 4,5 pounds during last year and that his current weight was about 192 pounds. The Presidential blood pressure was 117/71 at the moment of examination.

The medical experts said that the President's health remains perfect and that he can perform his duties further on. All the data gathered showed that George Bush would remain in such shape until the end of his presidency, the report also mentioned.

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