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10 Interesting Hi-Tech Kitchens


There's no doubt that virtually every modern home has a kitchen, and that most kitchens today are equipped with various appliances.

Some of the most interesting futuristic kitchens (already available or concepts) are presented in this article.

All of them can boast lots of useful features and it is possible that in the near future most home will be equipped with such kitchens.

Ecooking Vertical Kitchen

This is a vertical modular kitchen that not only exists on paper, but was actually brought to life to demonstrate the possible future of kitchen design. It is composed of a minimal silver column and has everything one needs and even more. The kitchen features a fridge, a sink equipped with collapsible faucet, a stovetop, an oven, extra space, a microwave, and even an espresso machine. In addition, for more comfort overhead light was added. Plus there's a dishwasher and space designed for a vertical garden. One interesting thing is that tap water can be recycled into the dishwasher so it could later be reused to water the vertical garden. Another useful feature is the built-in solar panels that generate energy for the electrical appliances. There's also a fan that helps remove smoke and purify the air.

Modern Space Saving Mini Kitchen

Designed by students from the French design school Ensci, this kitchen island has all the necessary appliances that a normal kitchen should have, and these appliances, including sink and cabinets, are stored into a single piece of furniture.

When you're done with your meal, simply transform the kitchen into a white block that can be used as a simple desktop.

Everything can be hidden away in this space-saving kitchen of the future.

flix Live

This high-tech kitchen was designed with the goal of simplifying and speeding-up the process of shifting gastronomical proceedings out into place where it can function as a kitchen, be it garden, terrace or roof top.

Developed by the German firm flix GMBH, the invention was created with the help of experienced chefs and food specialists. It features numerous tools and gadgets that can be found in virtually any traditional kitchen. The list of features includes: fold-out multi-functional wings on 3 of the 4 sides, a chopping board composed of solid wood or synthetic material with 6 condiment boxes located underneath.

In addition, the user will be able to discover a spice station with 12 jar pots made from stainless steel, built-in scales with clock and timer, a knife block, and even 4 porcelain plates.

There's also built-in LED lighting supported. flix is equipped with a specialized charcoal grill or 2 burner electric stove. It would be interesting to note that the unit itself is built from hardwood multiplex, featuring frosted acrylic glass surfaces and legs made from brush stainless steel.


Check out this space-saving kitchen, developed mainly for those who want to enjoy a good breakfast. The designer of Compact4all is Jan des Bouvrie who was commissioned by a Dutch company called Princess.

The kitchen represents a combination of four cubes measuring 20 x 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 x 8 inches), with each cube playing its own role: kettle, toaster, coffee maker and juicer. You can position the cubes however you want. It is also worth noting that each cube can be used individually, having its own power supply. When used together, all four appliances can be powered by a single central outlet.

The Blacktop 360

Blacktop 360 was developed to help you cook food quickly and effectively. This kitchen is in fact a portable gas cooking tool that features a grill, a deep fryer, a griddle and a warming plate. All of them make it possible for the user to cook virtually anything that some might consider unhealthy, though very tasty. You can take the Blacktop 360 anywhere and prepare onion rings, burgers, fries very fast.

Alpina Outdoor Kitchen Cheope

This outdoor grill/kitchen construction was developed from stainless steel. It includes 2 gas burners, 2 tubular gasburners that are there to reheat the lava rock grill with the help of stainless steel grills, 1 tubular gas burner that reheats the ollare stone, which can be replaced with cast iron plate.

There's also a piezoelectric lighter equipped with thermocouple safety device, sink made from stainless steel, 3 stainless steel drawers installed on automatic closing runners, a stainless steel door that you can use to close the garbage container and the gas cylinder container compartments. And of course no kitchen comes without a water outlet.

iPhone-controlled Kitchen

It may resemble an ordinary kitchen island, but with just a few taps made on an iPhone screen, the kitchen retracts into the floor. This is a futuristic concept developed by Tim Thaler. The contraption makes it possible for the user to expand the floorspace in the kitchen rather quickly.

The Critter

This kitchen represents the work of Elia Mangia Design Studio. The goal was to part the difference between portable cooking solutions usually used outside and fully equipped indoor kitchens. Measuring 240 cm (7 feet 10 inches) in length, this modular kitchen set features a dual-burner gas stove, which is located on one side, and a hot water tap, found on the other.

The user can outfit the food preparation space the way them want, using modular layouts and store pots, pans and utensils located under the main surface. You can even find a garbage disposal. The kitchen can be easily assembled and disassembled, with just 8 screws connecting equipment to frame.

Whirlpool FirePlace

His futuristic kitchen concept was designed with the idea that on some primal level, by coming together around fires that offer warmth and help cook food, people are happy and friendly. The main heating surface is bounded by a cooling surface, so the user could chill their drinks while cooking.

The kitchen allows you to adjust the temperature by simply twisting dishes and glasses. With the help of a fume hood you can keep stuff from getting smoky, and you can set up lighting based on your mood.

The R2B2

This concept kitchen was developed for cases when there's no electricity but you simply need to cook something. The author of the concept is Christoph Thetard. His mechanical flywheel drive is able to power several kitchen appliances.

It would be interesting to note that R2B2 was a project for his Diploma in Product Design at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany.

His kitchen features a coffee grinder and hand blender that function when the user pedals the flywheel. The latter generates power required to operate the appliances.

According to the designer, it is possible to modify the outer design of R2B2 and mount it into any kitchen.

In addition, Thetard believes that such device could be used as a starting point for a lot of grid-less energy solutions. For instance it could provide energy to shavers in the bathroom and even a washing machine.

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