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18k Gold TAG Heuer LINK Android Smartphone from the Swiss Watchmaker


The famous Swiss watch-making company TAG Heuer has recently announced the launch of its new android device, dubbed LINK Smartphone.

Weighting 200 grams, the company's device is made in 18 carat gold, titanium and more. LINK has gold on its front and leather on the back and is priced at $6700. It runs Android 2.2 Froyo.

In addition, the handset delivers a complicated timepiece components incorporated into the device.

Being approved by Google, the smartphone has access to the Android market and its more than 250,000 applications which can be stored on an SD card or using the inside memory which has a capacity of 256 megabytes.

Its 3.5-inch touchscreen boasts a resolution of 800 x 400. Besides, the phone is shock resistant and water resistant.

It also offers EDGE/HUSPA connection with Wi-Fi and stereo Bluetooth. Nearly all of the device's specs can be compared to LG Optimus One. The phone will feature Google search, Google maps, Gmail, YouTube and E-blogger applications, reports Android Community.

On the left side the user will be able to find the autolock system that offers access to the Sim Card, Memory Card and Connector port.

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