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20 Gadget Gifts You Will (Most Likely) Not Get This Christmas


Christmas and New- Year's Eve are on the way and it is time to go and get gifts for your family and friends. There are many options to choose from and a lot of articles write about the most suitable gifts, but in this article we decided to say the opposite and inform you about the cool gadgets that you will probably (some of them for sure) not get this Christmas for different reasons. Check out these high-tech devices and learn why you won't be able to get them.

SnowBoogie Fantom X

This winter promises a lot of snow (at least in the northern regions of the globe) and people who want to spend a joyful vacation are looking forward to acquiring sledges for their children and (why not) for themselves. But this particular sledge will most likely remain untouched by a lot of people and its not because it's not good. On the contrary, it has a pair of handlebars and the stretcher part is found above two rails that a person can control using the handles, which makes steering very easy. The thing that will keep most people away from this sledge is the price tag that reads $157.

Multitouch Keyboard and Mouse

This very beautiful duet composed of keyboard and mouse made of glass surely catches your attention. The futuristic design just asks you to touch the buttons, though the device might not look very practical. In about a month, according to the developer, the multitouch keyboard and mouse will hit the market and if you're more into usability then design than you will most likely look for something else. And even if you, or the person you want to buy a gift for, are a fan of smooth design, the price of $350 for the tech duo still sounds doubtful.

HTC Zeta

Codenamed Zeta, this beautiful smartphone from HTC is a great gadget for everyone, because it has a sleek design and great functionality (at least according to the leaked data about the quad-core handset). Inside there's a 2.5GHz APQ8064 CPU, 1GB of RAM and space for 32GB. There's also a 4.5-inch 720p HD display. According to the leaked information the phone will run Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense UI. Among other specs there's 1,830mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0, an 8MP rear camera (able to shoot 1080p video) with dual LED flash, and a 1.3MP front-facing camera. HTC Zeta measures 109.8 x 60.9 x 9.8mm (4.32 x 2.4 x 0.39 inches) and weights 146 grams. Why you will not get this phone for Christmas? Well, mainly because this is just a concept with no word on whether it will hit the market and obviously no data on the price.

NAO Humanoid Robot

The cute NAO robot hit the market in 2008 and since then about 2,000 units were sold. Recently the developer launched a new, improved version of the robot called NAO Next Gen. Inside there's a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor. The autonomous robot is also equipped with HD video cameras and boasts face/object recognition and voice recognition technologies. The Nuance Software makes it possible fot the robot to dodge obstacles. It was built for research and education purposes but you won't be able to own one, since there's no public version and even if it was offered for sale in the stores its price would be around $15,000.

ASUS New Ultrabook

This beautiful machine will surely not appear on your desk this Christmas. This is simply because it is expected to be presented in June at Computex 2012. According to some of the information leaked online, the device will have touchscreen capabilities and run Windows 8. The picture shows the actual model that will hit the market next year. Probably the most interesting thing about this ultrabook is that it can turn into a tablet. Thus, if you really want one of these, you'll just have to wait.

Surface Tension Arcade Tables

Even if you're not a gamer these table will catch your attention. They allow the whole family to get enganged in video games. However, you can also use one of such tables at home to drink a cup of tee with your friends. As part of the interior, this table will look like ordinary furniture, until you activate it, unveiling hidden controls and lighting up the LCD display. The tables include arcade buttons, joysticks and trackballs. It can be yours only if you're willing to pay between $3,150 and $5,500 for one of the Surface Tension Arcade Tables.

Toshiba Regza 55X3

According to the developer, this nice TV will offer glasses-free 3D viewing at a very high resolution. The 55-inch television set boasts a Quad Full HD resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. In addition, it has been equipped with CEVO Engine processing and even face tracking technology that will help you adjust the display to suit your needs. There's also a pair of 10-watt speakers, 5 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and LED backlighting. The release date is December 2011 but the TV will firstly hit the Japanese market and there's no word on when it will be launched outside the land of the rising sun. Even if you live in Japan or the device will be launched in your country before December 25th, you wil still not be very attracted by the price of around $11,580.

Pennda P9 Tablet

Although this gadget was made in China, it looks very nice and the whole idea is very interesting. The Chinese company Pennda is expected to showcase its latest gadget at CES in 2012, which instalty means that you won't be able to buy until then. The gadget represents some sort of home phone equipped with a very simple intuitive touchscreen interface that was developed to help a not tech savvy person navigate with ease. With its help the user will be able to gain access to enterprise contacts, open e-mail inbox, send instant messages, and even browse the Web using a pre-installed browser. You will also be able to run Android application on this device. Unfortunately there's no word on the price.

Nintendo Wii U

The new Nintendo console looks very smooth, but unfortunately it will be launched next year. However, this doesn't mean that the spread of information about it should be postponed. Some of the online reports say that the Wii U uses a quad-core 45nm PowerPC-based 3GHz processor. In addition, the Wii U will have 768MB of DRAM. Surely the specifications are not mind-blowing, but it is known that Nintendo has always focused more attention on game experience rsther than hardware.

Dr Dre Detox Pro

You can buy ordinary headphones for yourself but this particular product looks like a good gift for a high-end audio lover. It is worth mentioning that Dr Dre is a very trusted brand in terms of styling and materials used. The Dr Dre DETOX Pro black headphones enriched with 3000 black Swarovski crystals is a very beautiful gift but it's quite pricey. Of course with these headphones you get not only a beautiful design but also surround sound experience with distortion free clearness, but seeing the figure $1,388 will have you thinking of buying a less expensive alternative.

Samsung Flexible Display Tablet

In one of the recent videos Samsung has presented a tablet PC with a see-though flexible display. This tablet could be shrunk and expanded to make it easier for the user to operate with it. In addition, the video shows augmented reality translation and 3D imagery. Unfortunately this is just a concept and nothing has yet been said about the manufacturing of this tablet. At the same time Samsung announced that it will soon launch a smartphone with flexible display, but it will hit the market not until 2012, plus there's no word on pricing, which once again means that we'll just have to wait.

OreObject Sphere 2 Mouse

This is another beautiful gadget for wealthy geeks. Created by Ore Object, the Sphere 2 mouse is made of precious metal. There are 3 types of Sphere 2 mouse, each made of a different precious metal - titanium, gold, and platinum. In addition, these computer mice boast an ergonomic design, which is rather rare in the category of luxury gadgets. The basic structure of the device is made of stainless steel, and the design makes the mouse friendly for every user. It is worth mentioning that the stainless steel, from which each Sphere 2 mouse is made of, is far from ordinary - it is surgical grade stainless steel. More about technical specs: 4-way scrolling feature, resolution management system, and detachable USB cord. The titanium model is priced at $185, while the 24-K gold mouse can be acquired for $290 apiece. Obviously the platinum is the most expensive, wearing a price tag of $320. If you're ready to pay that kind of money then get ready for December 15, 2011, when these mice will be launched.

10,000 W iNuke Boom iPod Dock

This huge iPod dock is just awesome and most of you would surely enjoy the sound waves it generates but it's one of those products that you will search an alternative for. Suitable for iPhones and iPods, the 700 pound Behringer's 10,000 W iNuke Boom dock measures 8 feet wide, 4 feet tall and it is 4 feet deep. Despite the fact that the company announced about the launch of its iNuke NU6000 amplifier, its website does not have any information on the product in case. All that is known is that the gadget will be launched in limited edition and that it will be presented at CES 2012. Even if you fell in love with this device and are ready to spend $29,999.99, you will still have to wait until the opening of the next year's CES.

Project Dreamport's Back to the Future Package

First of all it should be noted that Project Dreamport's packages include themed gifts that are based on famous science-fiction films and different related memorabilia. Most of the proceeds from the sale of these gifts will go to charities. The Back to the Future gift package includes a hand-made replica DeLorian with beautifully crafted details such as gears and lights. The package also features signature sheets from all of the people that had worked on the movie. Finally among the various memorabilia one will find the anti-gravity shoes. Unfortunately a lot of people will not be able to afford this classic, since the package costs $175,000.

Project Dreamport's Spy Package

This spy package (as you have already guessed) includes things associated with the world's most famous spy, James Bond. The package includes 10 replica prop Bond Watches, special Swatch Bond timepieces accurately placed in a crafted leather briefcase, custom fitting tuxedos that one can see in earlier movies about James Bond and VIP trip for two to the movie premier of "Sky Fall". The Spy Package wears a price tag of $450,000.

Project Dreamport's TRON Movie Package

This is the most expensive package. Just like the previous two, most people will simply have to admire the pictures instead of buying the package for Christmas. Priced at $750,000, the TRON movie package includes the main symbols of the film, i.e. 2 custom made TRON light-cycles for him and her, custom made TRON vehicle, custom made TRON bike suits (one for a man and the other one for a lady), signed TRON posters and a limited edition pinball and Arcade Gaming machines. More about these packages you can find here.

CXC Motion Pro II Simulator

This gadget was developed for those who own a 2011 Volvo but want to feel what it's like to ride a Ferrari. The device is composed of three large co-joined flat-screens and a special construction for the driver. The system also includes motion sensing technology that works with a host of games such as the F1, GT, NASCAR, Race 07, and R-Factor on different simulated road surfaces. The simulator is also equipped with a 505 Watt 5.1 surround sound audio system. Together with the HD video and motion sensing, the gaming experience becomes even more realistic. There're also pressure sensitive pedals, special F1 grade Sparco 270 LN/SN steering wheel and a myriad of other impressive features. This is a great gift even for a grown-up, but not everyone can afford paying $32,000 for the system.

Hidden Radio Bluetooth Speakers

These Bluetooth speakers developed by John Van Den and Vitor Santa Maria look very simple and if you're a designer or a tech savvy person you might think that they are just perfect for your desktop. It might as well be so, but because they are included in this article there just might be something about these speakers that will keep you away from placing them under your Christmas tree. First of all let's state some of the specs. The speakers can be located throughout the house or music room, thus the user will be able to obtain a better play of sound output. One can use them to set up a Bluetooth network for personal movie theater. On a single charge these gadgets can function for about 30 hours. Now we approach to the pricing part - a unit costs $119, but for a set of 2 you will be asked to pay $229, for 5 units the price is $449 and for 7 units its $659.

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 5 Encore Media Hub

Bang & Olufsen is a company that became famous due to its fashionable electronics. Not so long ago it presented a new media hub dubbed the BeoSound 5 Encore. The gadget functions like a networked media hub and represents a follow-up to the firm's BeoSound 5 launched in 2009, which was appreciated for its internet radio and built-in hard drive. The recent Encore edition does not feature hard drive, with more attention paid to connectivity with different external devices. The BeoSound 5 Encore plays the role of a central control center for combining all the media in your home. Those who can afford this exclusive gadget will also have the opportunity to connect it to different iDevices via AirPlay. The BeoSound 5 Encore has a 10.4-inch color LCD display that allows users to surf through albums, artists, and songs with the help of a special wheel. It is possible to place up to 8 Encore hubs across the house in order to stream various songs at the same time from the same network. This thing will cost you $3,350, and once again the price is the main drawback, which is why most people will simply not buy it.

Ferguson Hill Home Theatre System

This is another beautiful technological wonder called FH009. The Ferguson Hill home theatre system is both aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced. The number in its name indicates the sum of a pair of transparent floor standing horn speakers and two bass speakers with built-in amplifier controls. The whole system can be connected to a TV and if you don't want the units to stand on the floor then these can be ordered with wall mounting features. Even if you really pay a lot of attention to the clarity of the sound your system plays, this particular audio system is less likely to appear in your home, since there are many alternatives for this $1,239 creation. But you are always free to check out more information about the FH009 here.

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