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2010 FIFA World Cup Games to Be Filmed in 3D


For the first time in history people will have the chance to watch the 2010 World Cup in 3D. The announcement comes from FIFA that added that 25 games are going to be filmed using 3D cameras.

The filming will be made using Sony technology, but the company has not yet unveiled the details of the technology it will apply. Usually 3D set-ups register images using two-camera systems and people watch movies in 3D wearing special polarized glasses. But this year Sony presented its single-lens camera developed exclusively for sporting events, reports BBC News.

Specialists consider that 3D technology can soon become something typical. Roger Mosey, the BBC director of London 2012, mentioned that people might have the chance to watch some of the Olympic Games in 3D.

It is worth mentioning that FIFA World Cup starts on June 11, 2010.

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