Tuesday, 01 Nov, 2011 Technology

Designers Use 3D Printers to Make Shells for Hermit Crabs


Project Shellter from the MakerBot community involves the use of DIY 3D printers and CAD software to create various shells that would serve as custom homes for hermit crabs.

It is worth mentioning that hermit crabs do not make their own shells, instead they always search for a shelter. Today, with a continuous decrease in shells around the world these vulnerable species lack homes.

The recently launched project gathered MakerBot Operators and digital designers on Thingiverse, a place where people are free to share their digital designs with each other.

The initiator of the project, Miles Lightwood, is working on "crabitats" in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, where his team can lab-test the shell designs with real hermit crabs. For more information visit the Facebook page of the project.

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