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5 Useful Gifts for Tech Savvy Women


If your girlfriend or wife is into high-tech devices then she will highly appreciate your attention if you give her a gadget that not only looks nice but is also very useful. Below you can find some of the most interesting gadgets we collected to help you choose a gift for a tech savvy woman.

Marc Jacobs Quilted Crossbody iPad Case

With an increasing popularity of the iPad, a lot of designers started developing various accessories for the device, one of the most sought being case models. Marc Jacobs, the famous designer of accessories, has recently presented its beautiful case for the iPad. Dubbed the Quilted Crossbody iPad Case, the case was designed to resemble a stylish purse. The black quilted leather and gold hardware adds even more chic to the case. A lady can carry this case anywhere. It looks very nice with a cocktail dress and includes two zip pockets - one at the front and one inside. Of course this designer iPad case comes at a price - you can acquire it for $495.

Appear Bracelet Watch

This is probably something any woman would like to get as a gift. With the help of M3D technology, the Phosphor Appear bracelet watch is able to show time via a time-display covered with colored Swarovski crystals (the display rotates to show the time).

However, the timepiece is not only shiny - it can also hide the time behind crystals. In addition, the Appear watch is water resistant up to 50 meters and boasts a wide viewing angle. There are models that come with outer rim made of gold, silver or black and you can also pick a black or white band.

Panasonic Nano-Care Hair Dryer

This nano-care hair dryer from Panasonic Korea is one of the company's latest inventions. The Korean firm presented its device on December 1st. The EH-NA30 produces minute ion of nanometer (1m/one billion) that features about 1,000 times more moisture than normal anion, which means that it offers moisture to hair and scalp. For those who don't know, it is worth mentioning that enough moisture on healthy hair protects it from sebum. The device features 3 steps of warm and hot wind for temperature control. It also provides 0-1-2 stage for air volume control.

Small Robotic Personal Assistant

Dubbed Karotz, this cute little robot that resembles a white bunny is able to do a wide variety of things, including surfing the internet to answer a question, read emails, play your favorite music, use its camera to guard your home, play the role of an alarm clock that wakes you up with the radio station you want to hear, and read blogs out loud. It can also provide your children with a number of games and educational activities. The robot is equipped with built-in voice recognition software, which allows the user to speak to it directly. It is also possible to control Karotz with the help of a smartphone or computer. The robot would be a great gift for your wife and kids.

The Kube2

Although MP3 players are suitable for both, men and women, this little fellow would be a perfect gift for a lady, be it a gift for Christmas or birthday. It boasts a simplistic design that makes it look futuristic and it has already become extremely popular in Singapore and Indonesia. The Kube2 was officially unveiled in January at CES. It features a built-in memory card and its battery can hold for up to 6 hours of non-stop playtime before it needs to be recharged. The user can easily operate with the help of a small touchscreen one of the device's sides.

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