Friday, 10 Aug, 2007 Technology

A New Game to Make Your Face Look Happier


Now Nintendo DS fans will look happier as a new game that was designed by beauty expert will exercise facial muscles to have friendlier and livelier face expressions.

The Wii Fit game has digital camera that is fitted in dual screen showing a facer of the player on the one and the animated face that shows necessary face exercises on the second screen.

The innovative Nintendo game includes 16 types of face exercises lasting from 2 to 10 minutes each accompanied by an electronic voice that prompts on facial moves. The main goal of the game is to develop a happy face and more expressive look. The well-known maker of such games as Super Mario and Pokemon, Nintendo Co. hopes to attract women's audience to a game world and recommends to exercise "facening" at least 15 minutes.

The game was released in Japan last week and is expected to be a huge success which is explained by the fact that game addresses to people emotions. During the game, a player also can have fun making funny faces following the instructions of the voice that acts like a fitness instructor saying to open the month, drop the jaw or wink. Nintendo Wii game is expected next year at the market in US to beat the success of their well-known "Brain Age" game.

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