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Additional Billion PC Users for Microsoft


Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman, is going to suggest governments the $3 Student Innovation Suite. Microsoft has developed the program in an attempt to reach more of the overall 5 billion people who do not presently belong to PC owners. By 2015 Microsoft hopes to reach the first billion. Governments will have an opportunity to purchase directly from Microsoft PCs for students to use in their school studies and at home. Gates will announce the program at a special forum launched for government leaders.

The collection of software will comprise Windows XP Starter Edition, Windows Live Mail Desktop, Office Home and Student 2007, as well as a number of educational products. To take part in the program, governments will have to purchase half the suite for the PC. It will be possible to apply the software on refurbished computers for just $ 50. The software will be distributed beginning with the second half of the current year. The $ 3 price stands for the software license. Extra discs and documentation will require additional spending.

At present day five out of every six people on the planet do not have a PC. However, in the developed countries Microsoft has successfully reached its goal of providing a PC on every desktop and in every home.

Microsoft is aware that governments of poor countries will probably not be able to purchase computers for their student. Still, some nations have already displayed their interest in the project. For example, the best Mexican students become provided by computers. Although Microsoft first of all aims to provide the PCs for students for educational purposes, other members of the families will be also able to benefit from the project.

In addition to the Student Innovation Suite, Microsoft is developing a few other projects. The company has planned to double to reach 200, the number of local innovation centers during the following two years. Microsoft will also offer an employability portal to help Indian technology workers find new jobs. The company has collaborated with the Asian Development Bank to build extra technology capacity in the country.

All the Microsoft efforts are aimed to spread computer literacy and enhance job skills for people leaving in underserved communities. Microsoft is going to further collaborate with other tech companies, governments and international agencies to successfully fulfill its protects.

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