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Air Guitar With Infra-Red Strings to Become Christmas Best-Seller


A toy was developed for air guitarists who feel that there's something missing. The Guitar Rock Star is a gadget that features invisible infra-red strings that one can strum.

The toy's head and neck look just like the ones on a real guitar. Air Guitar uses a laser technology, so those who enjoying playing the role of a rock star could play along with 8 songs that are pre-recorded in the device.

The Guitar Rock Star is available for 15 pounds. It includes an input and output jacks. Thus one can hook the invisible guitar up to headphones or speakers. The toy has already been called Christmas best-seller.

"Everyone has the chance to live out their dreams as a rock legend this Christmas. All they have to do is turn on Guitar Rock Star, grab the electronic guitar neck, finger the frets and strum the infra-red strings to play," said Martyn Ayres, from toymakers Tomy.

This device is the latest invention in computer games, being accompanied by Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It is worth mentioning that Guitar Hero hit the market in 2005 and over 21 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide. In 2007 MTV Games launched Rock Band. In order to complete the band the company added toy drums and a mic to the guitar and bass.

Source: Telegraph

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