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Airbus Started Flight Test Research of New Engine Concepts


The aircraft making subsidiary of the European aerospace company EADS, Airbus, recently announced that it had started a long-term flight test study of the engine concepts that include the design of Preatt & Whitney, called "Geared Turbofan."

The Toulouse-based company together with P&W is estimating the PW1000G technology demonstrator engine which might be used in A340 flight test aircraft. The company, which is one of the largest in Europe and in the world, manufacturing about half of all aircrafts produced in the world, will begin trials at one of its flight facilities located in Toulouse. Airbus will mainly pay attention on the fuel efficiency of PW1000G. In addition it will perform acoustic testing and analyze the performance of the engine.

It is possible that the GTF design will lower noise levels and reduce the level of fuel consumption. The new design is also expected to be more efficient since it incorporates fewer engine stages and parts, thus lowering the weight and costs at the same time.

Airbus is going to be the first aircraft producer to register the flight test results for the PW1000G. These results will to help the company make a huge step forward in research and development evaluation of new engine designs.

"Airbus is already delivering the world’s most eco-efficient aircraft. Sensitive to our position of being an industry leader, it is imperative to us that we continuously explore all technology developments to achieve our ambitious targets today and in the future," said Christian Scherer, who works at Airbus EVP Strategy and Future Programs.

Source: The Engineer

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