Wednesday, 03 Feb, 2010 Technology

Aircruise - Giant Eco-friendly Luxury Airship


Another vision of future transportation was unveiled by a London-based design firm called Seymourpowell that came up with its design of a huge airship dubbed Aircruise, which might bring luxury travel to a new level.

The environmentally-friendly airship is powered by solar energy, making use of a primary hydrogen fuel cell drive. The Aircruise is able to reach a speed of 90mph, representing a mix of airship and luxury hotel.

In about 37 hours it can bring people from London to New York and in less than 4 days it can travel from Los Angeles to Shanghai offering its passengers top-class services.

The Aircruise features 4 duplex apartments and 5 smaller rooms along with a penthouse apartment with bar/lounge/communal zone. It is 30 meters high and due to its glass floors, the passengers will have the possibility to observe the beautiful views from the sky.

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