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AirpenPocket - Digital Pen that Wirelessly Sends Written Text to a PC


A digital pen called airpenPocket is going to be launched soon by Pentel Co Ltd, a Japanese company that focuses on the production on stationery and writing instruments. The company said that its new device will be released on February 12, 2011.

It is worth mentioning that the digital pen will allow the user to enter text data to a PC. It will send any text written on a paper straight to a computer via Bluetooth.

The two main features of the airpenPocket are the digital pen and a Bluetooth capable memory unit that records the written text or drawn image and then stores it on a PC. Everything is performed in a matter of seconds.

Due to the fact that the pen uses Bluetooth, it can also transmit information to a cell phone . It could be widely used among content developers and graphic designers.

The device boasts a capacity of 2 megabytes and has a battery that can last for about 90 hours per charge. It would also be interesting to note that airpenPocket sports SPP (serial port profile) Bluetooth protocol that allows the user to transmit data to a device that is up to 10 meters away, reports Gizmowatch.

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