Monday, 22 Mar, 2010 Technology

All-Electric Batmobile-Style Bus With 16 Gull-Wing Doors


Students from the University of Technology in Delft, the Netherlands, decided to create an all-electric Batmobile-like vehicle made using a carbon-fiber shell, low chassis and 16 gull-wing doors.

Besides its futuristic design, the bus also boasts a number of impressive features, including electric motors powered by lithium-polymer batteries that allow the vehicle to register 800 HP. On full charge the bus can travel 130 miles.

According to the students, the bus will not have a predetermined route - passengers will be able to purchase seats on the vehicle in advance and send a text message or call to set up a pickup time and state their exact location.

After receiving the necessary data from a certain number of passengers, the driver selects the fastest way to pick them all up and get them to required destinations. For more images click here.

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