Friday, 14 Aug, 2009 Technology

Amazing Project for Protecting San-Francisco From Rising Water Levels


By 2100 the water levels in San Francisco may increase by 55 inches, which could lead to serious problems around the coastline. This was the reason for initialing the Rising Tides competition, the winners of which have been recently announced.

The jury decided to split the $25,000 prize money among six most inspiring proposals. More interesting engineering ideas you can find here at, check the links at the bottom of the story.

One of the proposals for the competition is RAYdike, designed by Faulders Studio of Berkeley, CA. The idea is to line the shore with lasers. The laser beams would be mounted on top of wave-powered bases, demarcating the future water line.

Folding Water, designed by Kuth Ranieri Architects is another incredible idea, which represents an alternative for the barrier dike. The designers proposed placing it in the middle of the bay, thus being able to keep the water on the same level. Folding Water uses a series of pump walls along with artificial estuaries. The images of the two projects you can see below.

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