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Amazing Solar-powered LED Media Wall of the Taipei Pop Music Center


This incredible design, created for the Taipei Pop Music Center, was developed by Nabito Architects. The design features a photovoltaic facade along with a wall covered with LED panels.

The most impressive feature of the construction is the ability of the LED wall to show advertisements, news, as well as trailers for the events that are to come, based on the activities that will take place at the Center the respective day. Another interesting fact is that the LED panels are powered entirely by the sun.

Currently the design is just a proposal that was submitted for the Taipei Pop Music Center Competition. In addition to showing various talented pop artists, the Center will also showcase an innovative use of green energy.

The current building resembles the Zero Energy Media Wall built in Beijing, but it's bigger. It would be controlled with the help of a central computer. The projection will change based on the events that take place during the night as well as the crowd outside, informs DesignBoom.

It is worth mentioning that the construction is based on a horizontal plate that has been twisted at the center, making two slabs: one vertical and one horizontal. Digital media art is projected on the wall's northern vertical slab, while the south side of the horizontal plate features photovoltaic cells incorporated into glass panels. Such a design makes it possible for the LED media wall of the Taipei Pop Music Center to be a net-zero endeavor.

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