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Amnesia Connect - Technology that Allows Sharing Files between Smartphones and Tablets


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Amnesia Razorfish is the developer of a technology called Amnesia Connect, which makes it possible to share data between smartphones and tablets by simply swiping the files with pictures and other visual information.

When users place their devices on the surface equipped with this technology, the Amnesia Connect instantly detects the files stored on them and offers a preview. Afterwards, in just a few seconds users can share different visual data.

So far, according to the inventors, the technology is compatible with Microsoft Surface and recently it became possible to use the technology on iOS platform, which would allow using such devices as iPhone 4, iPad and even the anticipated iPad 2, informs FastCoDesign.

However, there are two major drawbacks: one is that the device will not be compatible with Blackberry Playbook and gadgets running Android OS. The other refers to the fact that Amnesia Connect currently works only with visually inclined files.

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