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Google's Android 2.3 Loads Websites Quicker than Apple's iPhone iOS 4.3


An independent test, carried out recently, showed that Android 2.3 loads websites much faster that the iOS 4.3 installed on the iPhone.

Specialists at Blaze Software carried out thousands of field tests in order to determine how fast a reliable the mobile internet browsers are. They performed 45,000 tests on Google Nexus S and an iPhone 4 with the latest software installed.

It is worth mentioning that the tests were performed with each device's respective built-in browser.

During the tests specialists repeatedly loaded different websites from Fortune's list of the 1,000 most popular sites. The loadings were performed using both Wi-Fi and 3G connections.

According to the study, when a website has a mobile version of itself, the iPhone responds pretty good, loading websites 39 percent faster than standard websites on the Apple's handset. As for the Android-running device, the mobile-optimized sites loaded 8 percent faster than the standard ones and that is because Nexus S already loaded the standard website very fast.

The built-in browser used in the Android handset was developed specifically for a mobile environment. One the other hand, Apple uses a web browser that is very similar to the one it developed for computer counterparts.

It would be interesting to note that the mobile Safari makes use of more processing power than Google's browser, thus it loads websites slower, in fact 52 percent slower, according to the study, reports TG Daily.

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