Thursday, 13 Jan, 2011 Technology

Android-Powered Smartphones to Translate Conversations in Real Time


The famous Silicon Valley giant continues to make huge progress in simultaneous translation technologies. Google uses special software that allows Android-powered handsets to translate conversations in real-time.

The feature for Android OS has been added a while ago, but now Google made an update to the "Conversation Mode". According to product manager Awaneesh Verma, the user can just "press the microphone for their language and start speaking." Then Google Translate gets into action. The last phase is when the translation is spoken back to the user.

Currently the Conversation Mode can only translate between English and Spanish.

It would be interesting to note that Google Translate is currently used in over 150 countries, supporting 53 languages in text. According to Verma, the voice recognition in Android devices supports 15 languages, reports Physorg.

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