Monday, 23 Jan, 2012 Technology

AntiCrop - App that Automatically Adds Background to Your Photos


This useful application called AntiCrop helps you add extra sky or land in a photo without loosing quality. Of course, the background needs to be homogenous for the magic to happen, meaning that it would be easier and more accurate for the program to add more to the background if there's grass, sand, sky or water in the picture.

To be able to use the application, the user simply has to import an image into AntiCrop and then drag the frame around it to either side, up or down. The program will then use a special algorithm to produce extra background automatically, thus creating a larger image. The app would certainly show weird results in case someone's face is in the background.

The program works with iDevices and can be downloaded from iTunes. Check out the video below to see what the app can do.

[via Wired]

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