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Apple Car Controlled Using iPhone


This concept was developed by designer Gabor Baranyai, who was inspired by the minimalist box theme of Apple. His creation is dubbed "Apple Car" and the designer envisions the use of the device in large industrial buildings like exhibition centers and airports.

Apple Car has a series of small wheels that look like the ones on UX-3 from Honda. The doors of the vehicle slide upwards, providing a rather easy access to the spacious cabin. The Apple Car can be controlled using the iPhone, which plays the role of a remote.

The driver can park the vehicle sideways. Using the iPhone, the driver can also turn the car around in one place. The iPhone can be used as a navigation tool as well, locking safely onto a special dock. All information on navigation the driver receives on the windshield, which offers a larger view.

Baranyai designed LED headlights and placed them behind the windshield. The headlights can be easily rearranged or even substituted with traditional shapes. The batteries incorporated in the floor can be charged using plug-in charging, informs The Design Blog.

Inside the base model, the driver can install various aftermarket accessories, including mats, solar cells and different decor attachments. The large outer surfaces of the Apple Car allow placing different ads.

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