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Apple to Become Greener


The American consumer electronics giant, Apple Inc., as a response to the criticism coming from environmental groups, recently unveiled its enviromental friendly plans. The officials from Apple stated that Chief Executive, Steve Jobs, looks forward to make the company greener than most of its rivals.

On the company's official website, Steve Jobs unveiled details regarding the elimination of toxic chemicals from Apple's upcoming products. The message on the official website, titled "A Greener Apple", also includes the information on Apple's more aggressive strategy of recycling its old products.

"Today is the first time we have openly discussed our plans to become a greener Apple." Steve Jobs wrote in the message. He was surprised to discover that the company is either ahead of or it will soon be ahead of most of its rivals in the field of consumer electronics.

One of the company's goals is to eliminate entirely the use of arsenic. It is worth mentioning that this chemical is used when manufacturing displays. Apple is also going to stop using in its products such chemicals as polyvinyl chloride and brominated flame retardants. This is to be done by the end of 2008.

In addition, this summer, the Cupertino-based company is going to extend its program in Apple stores worldwide. During this program Apple collects unwanted iPods free of charge for environmentally friendly disposal.

Jobs apologized on behalf of his company for leaving customers in the dark for this long. He added that the Apple would provide updates of its efforts at least once a year.

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