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Aquarius Eco Ship Uses Wind and Solar Energy, Other Fuel-Saving Techs


Eco Marine Power, a company with headquarters in Japan, has presented its design of the Aquarius Eco Ship that makes use of the power of wind and sun to considerably decrease its impact on the environment.

The ship will be equipped with the Aquarius MRE System, a revolutionary fuel-saving and emission cutting technology that combines several elements, including solar panels, modules for collecting power, a computer control system and an improved rigid sail design.

The most interesting thing about the Marine Power system is that is can be installed on virtually any ship, including bulk carriers, tankers, survey ships and passenger ferries.

In addition, the Japanese firm has also proposed equipping vessels with a number of other fuel-saving features like advanced electrical propulsion systems, improved hull designs, and waste heat recovery technologies.

According to Eco Marine Power, the mix of all these technologies would allow a ship to record about 40 percent fuel savings. At the same time the emission of Sulphur Oxides (SOx), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and other gases will be significantly reduced.

[via Eco Marine Power]

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