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Archeologist Makes Nearly 2 Thousand Discoveries Using Google Earth


While other archaeologists spend a lot of time to travel around the world in search for a couple of ancient tools, Professor David Kennedy, from the University of Western Australia decided to make use of modern technology.

The researcher managed to make nearly 2 thousands archaeological discoveries in Saudi Arabia without leaving his workplace. He used Google Earth to study 1,240 square kilometers in Saudi Arabia and managed to find 1,977 potential archaeological sites, including 1,082 ancient tombs.

According to Kennedy, Saudi Arabia is virtually inaccessible for archaeologists, but with Google Earth the country, which boasts a rich archaeological heritage, became a real treasure for researchers.

"The extensive remains of great prehistoric cemeteries in such places as Yabrin in the interior have been known for many years but little-explored," said Kennedy.

The researcher published a paper that will appear in the Journal of Archaeological Science, in which he mentioned that Saudi Arabia is one of the least-explored nations archaeologically. This is probably due to the fact that the majority of sites he managed to discover appear to be pre-Islamic and the government is not really interested in paying more attention to this period of history, reports TGDaily

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