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Arctic Drifter to Help Researchers Explore the Arctic Circle


This is an apparatus developed to travel across the landscape of the Arctic Circle collecting information. The Arctic Drifter represents a unit in which scientists can live and work, gathering data for a better understanding of the surrounding environment.

Due to its size and flexibility, the mobile media-centric unit is able to easily travel through ice, water and even crevasses. In addition, it can travel in extreme weather conditions. The Drifter is 15 meters in diameter, covered with Hypalon air-bags. It is worth emntioing that the same material is used for heavy-duty inflatable boats, informs studio les betes.

With the help of the FlyEye system, which is a network of multi-band sensors, the unit can gather ultra-high-resolution spherical projections by combining smaller pictures in real time. Besides, the pictures from the sensors network can be instantly projected on the surface inside the unit.

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