Thursday, 01 Oct, 2009 Technology

Arctic Marine Fauna Project to Link Russia and U.S. Underwater


The project called Arctic Marine Fauna is more than a commercial construction, it represents a daring idea that focuses on sensitive issues with its amplitude and the global ecological sense of right and wrong.

The tunnel can descend to the bottom of the ocean, having only a few meters floating above the water level. The key principle of the whole construction is compression. The structure has two parallel stone walls that are cut through the adjacent water bodies, held with bracing that sometimes can be habitable.

With each wall being 10 meters wide, the construction is able to provide both vehicle and train infrastructures. This feature is applied to offer some simplicity to the giant structure that has a direct line to link the two sides.

Visitors and inhabitants will be able to walk through the Strait thanks to 50-meters wide interstitial space that was created by the immense separation. All visitors will have the possibility to adore the underwater landscape by walking through the tubes, located 50 meters below water level.

Besides, by separating of the Pacific from the Arctic, the designers look forward to improve the temperature separation. This will be possible with gradual decrease of the water temperature in the Arctic, which will be good for the environment.

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