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Arctic Mobile Unit Uses Solar Power to Keep Arctic Researchers Warm


If you want to stay for at least a few days in the North Pole you have to have special equipment. A very useful device would be the arctic mobile unit, designed by Andrey Bondarenko from 2-B-2 Architecture.

The unit features a 5-kilowatt power generator that produces electricity for a snow melter and a solar battery that makes it possible for the unit to maintain warmth for 15 days, being able to function at temperatures between -40 and +10C. The device can also resist severe winds of up to 85 km/hour (50 mph).

The main goal of the unit is to keep scientists warm during their work in harsh Arctic conditions. It is worth mentioning that the arctic mobile unit represents a construction made using a steel frame, carbon panels and thermo-insulating membranes. Inside, researchers can benefit from a washroom, work/rest area and kitchen.

The unit is quite compact and can be easily transported. It can take a form measuring 2000 x 1600 x 2300 mm.

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