Monday, 26 Dec, 2011 Technology

Armstar BodyGuard: iPhone Dock from Batmans's Arsenal


Today's tech market is full of various dock stations for smartphones. Nevertheless some companies continue launching new ones, with even more features and in more attractive designs.

One of such companies is Armstar that recently presented an iPhone dock that not only looks cool but also offers serious protection to your handset.

Dubbed the BodyGuard 9XI-HD01, the dock was designed to look like something that belongs to Batman. It was made by mixing cotton, Nomex (a flame resistant fiber), and Kevlar Mix.

In addition, the dock boasts a myriad of features, including an Electronic Deterrent, Electronic Control Device, HD camera, flash light, defense shield and safety pin. And of course the device has a dock for a mobile device.

So far the developer did not give a word about the price of the dock.

[via Armstar]

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