Tuesday, 13 Jul, 2010 Technology

Army Carries Out Trials of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tanks


The army has been working on different "green" projects that involve the use of solar panels and hybrid engines.

The latest eco-friendly initiative of the Army is to create a tank that would make use of hydrogen fuel cell technology and it is starting with M1 Abrams battle tank.

The fuel cells would collect hydrogen from JP-8 diesel fuel and turn it into raw electricity. Currently the testing is taking place only in the laboratory.

The main goal is to come up with a way of powering a fleet of military vehicles using fuel cells that make use of non-petroleum sources.

However, today such technology is far from being commercialized. Nevertheless, the Army looks forward to develop fuel cells that in the future could be used to power computers, sensors in a tank, battle command technologies and other devices, reports USA Today.

In case the Army succeeds in creating vehicles powered by renewable sources, the transportation of supplies in harsh conditions would become much easier.

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