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Artist Explores the Beauty of Light in Thread Sculptures


The wonderful series of works created by Gabriel Dawe are meant to explore the joyful and colorful side of light. With the help of bright gradients of swinging thread, the artist makes geometric art installations that illustrate light's dance through a prism.

It would be interesting to note that Dawe has already managed to create dozens of such works around the globe. His art pieces can be seen in London, Denmark, Texas and Louisiana.

Prior to moving to Montreal, Dawe had a job as a graphic designer in his native Mexico City. Later he started experimenting with a different form of art. His work involved the use of textiles and embroidery.

In the United States, Dawe's works can be seen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at Lousiana State University Museum of Art. The installations will be there until April 2013.

[via This Is Collosal]

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