Monday, 17 Nov, 2008 Technology

Artist Hopes to Replace Lost Eye With a Webcam


webcamA woman from San Francisco hopes to replace her lost eyeball with a webcam so she could record every moment of her life. Tanya Vlach is an artist. She lost one eye in a car accident and now she wants engineers to help her by creating a mini-webcam that would be able to adjust to diverse lighting, focus according to her wish and take still pictures.

She posted her wish on her blog , where she also asked for a Bluetooth feature in her bionic eye. In addition she wants the camera to have a 3X optical zoom and a slot for a 4GB SD card.

The artist looks forward to use her bionic eye to register her personal life or record a reality TV show, reported New York Daily News.

According to the engineers who contacted the woman by the NY Daily News, the technologies that she wants to use in her webcam are already on the market and Vlach said that dozens of tech specialists had contacted her to offer their help.

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