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Aston Martin and Mobiado to Create See-through Touchscreen Handset


The famous British car manufacturing brand Aston Martin in collaboration with Mobiado, a phone manufacturer based in Canada, decided to work on the creation of a line of luxury smartphones that are expected to be launched this May.

Before the new handset is officially launched onto the market, Aston Martin offered a teasing peek at the potential future designs of its device. The CPT002 Aston Martin Concept Phone boasts a see-through capacitive touchscreen made of solid crystal.

In order to have a fully-transparent screen, the Canadian company came up with the idea of embedding the battery, electronics and SIM card into the phone's sides that are made of platinum. The phone also incorporates the logos of the two companies located in the non-transparent area of the device.

It is worth mentioning that additional features of the phone are only possible. The CPT002 Aston Martin Concept Phone is said to play the role of a key that opens an Aston Martin vehicle, being able to automatically unlock the car's doors when the user approaches.

In addition, the device makes use of the car's GPS in order to show the current location of the driver on FourSquare. The vehicle's display also shows the position of friends and places of interests.

By using the cameras in the vehicle it is possible to take shots and shoot video that can be easily uploaded with data regarding the passing cities to Twitter and Facebook.

Mobiado also decided to equip its phone with an accelerometer. The latter is, however, used in an unusual way - in case of accident, accelerometer data from the handset in the driver's pocket is sent to the vehicle to offer information about the driver's movement. This allows for more efficient use of safety features like airbag sequence, timing and seatbelt stiffening, reports Gizmag.

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